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    Organize an EPS

    Are you interested in organizing a EPS Team in your community? 

    Step One:
    Become a Founding Member of Eco Preservation Society Nations - JOIN NOW

    Step Two: EPS will work with you to assemble a team that can fill the following roles for your local organization. Have your team members sign up here


    • Program Organizers
    • Corporate Outreach
    • Human Resources
    • Holacracy Practitioners
    • NationBuilder  Tech

    Logistics Specialists

    • Freelance Event Managers
    • Freelance Event Planners
    • Freelance Travel Agents
    • Freelance Travel Directors 

    Media Specialists

    • Environmental Writers
    • Video Production
    • Blog Managers
    • Social Media Broadcasters

    Step Three: Develop Programing, Establish Budget and Create Website

    Step Four: Launch Your EPS Chapter

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    Organizational Infrastructure 
    The EPS organizational infrastructure combines NationBuilder Technology with a Holacracy Management Structure to create a  Flat, Efficient, Responsive, Transparent Platform combined with Structural Accountability. Learn More

    Revenue Allocation Targets
    Because of our flat organizational infrastructure, EPS is able to allocate 95% of revenues to mission driven activities.  
    Because of our transparent organization infrastructure, you can have confidence in the integrity of our contributions.  

    • 80% Specific Program Support / New Program Development / Team Development
    • 15% Member Engagement and Education / Media Production
    • 5% Administration / Platform Management

    Eco Preservation Society was incorporated in the State of Washingon as a registered non-profit organization and has enjoyed 501c3 tax exempted status with the US Internal Revenue Service since 2007

    Click on the following links if you would like to learn more about Eco Preservation Society, or about the EPS NationBuilder Platform or the EPS Holacracy Management System.

    Sign in below and an EPS Team Coordinator will be in contact to explain how you can establish your own program on the EPS platform.  

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