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    Social Entrepreneur Career Opportunities

    The Eco Preservation Society is seeking social entrepreneurs that want to build a career working on behalf of the environment.

    We are looking for leaders and social entrepreneurs to assist us in the following areas. If you are interested in building a career with the Eco Preservation Society, please fill out the form below and we will follow up with you.


    • Program Organizers
    • Corporate Outreach
    • Human Resources
    • Holacracy Practitioners
    • NationBuilder  Tech

    Logistics Specialists

    • Freelance Event Managers
    • Freelance Event Planners
    • Freelance Travel Agents
    • Freelance Travel Directors 

    Media Specialists

    • Environmental Writers
    • Video Production
    • Blog Managers
    • Social Media Broadcasters

    LEARN MORE: Click on the following links if you would like to learn more about Eco Preservation Society, or about the EPS NationBuilder Platform or the EPS Holacracy Management System.


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