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    I just registered to be an Environmental Social Entrepreneur with the EPS ~

    Social Entrepreneur Career Opportunities

    The Eco Preservation Society is seeking social entrepreneurs that want to build a career working on behalf of the environment.

    We are looking for leaders and social entrepreneurs to assist us in the following areas. If you are interested in building a career with the Eco Preservation Society, please fill out the form below and we will follow up with you.


    • Program Organizers
    • Corporate Outreach
    • Human Resources
    • Holacracy Practitioners
    • NationBuilder  Tech

    Logistics Specialists

    • Freelance Event Managers
    • Freelance Event Planners
    • Freelance Travel Agents
    • Freelance Travel Directors 

    Media Specialists

    • Environmental Writers
    • Video Production
    • Blog Managers
    • Social Media Broadcasters

    LEARN MORE: Click on the following links if you would like to learn more about Eco Preservation Society, or about the EPS NationBuilder Platform or the EPS Holacracy Management System.


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    Manuel Antonio

    Manuel Antonio is the Central Pacific’s the one-stop destination for eco adventure: nature hikes, canopy tours, river rafting, snorkeling, wildlife watching, extreme adventures, and so much more. Manuel Antonio National Park, recognized at one of the most beautiful parks in the world by Forbes Magazine, brings the eco experience all together in one destination with its  emerald rainforests, abundant wildlife, fine white sand beaches all set against a prestine turquoise ocean.

    The Manuel Antonio beach strip features hotels, restaurants and a full array of activities. The winding road  to Quepos climbs to nearly 100 feet above sea level where you will find upscale hotels and restaurants with spectacular, panoramic ocean views.

    Wildlife encounters include three-toed sloths, coatimundis, and highly endangered subspecies of Central American squirrel monkey. Manuel Antonio park is home to hundreds of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians!

    Playa Hermosa 

    Playa Hermosa is about a 45 minute drive from Manual Antonion and issituated just five kilometers south of Jaco.   Playa Hermosa is one of the best surfing havens for professionals both national and international, in the country. , Playa Hermosa offers surfers some of the best and most consistent surf breaks in the world. Playa Hermosa is an expert surfer’s beach with waves reaching as high as 13 feet and strong currents. There are a number of affordable surf board rental shops on the beach. Playa Hermosa hosts the International Quicksilver Surf Championships every year in August. 


    Primate Conservation Programs - Rainforest Reforestation - Sea Turtle Conservation - Permaculture Educational Programs

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    Become a Founding Member of EPS Nations

    $230.00 raised
    GOAL: $10,000.00

    Sustaining Monthly Members of the Eco Preservation Society allow us to expand our outreach 

    Program Member $5   Patron $250  
    Society Member $10   Super Patron $500
    Organizer $25   Organizational Patron $1,000
    Leader $50   Organizational Leader $5,000
    Patron $100   President's Club $10,000 

    Become a Founding Member Today!