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The Eco Preservation Society of Washington is your platform to become involved. You are interested in the environment, you want to do something, but what and where? EPS Washington connects people who want to engage in environmental activities with organizations that are promoting conservation of the environment, sustainable programming, and workshops & educational events that foster environmental stewardship. 

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Mission Statement

The Eco Preservation Society is a membership, networking and educational organization dedicated to the promotion of sustainable human activity focused on achieving positive environmental outcomes.  Our mission is to promote conservation, restoration, research, travel and education programs that advance environmental consciousness and facilitate public awareness with a call to action.


Three Ways to Join EPS

Follow your passions
Customize your commitment to the environment

ESP Washington Project Team Memberships -  Project Team memberships empowers individuals to become active contributors to individual conservation projects all over the world without being filtered through a large bureaucratic organization.

EPS Washington Regional Memberships  - EPS Regional Team Memberships are for Change Agents that want to lead in the creation of important new initiatives throughout New York area, in particular for individuals that provide key capacities to support activities and programming.  The New York Regional Teams is made up of Media Producers, Logistics Experts and key Service Providers and Partners. The Regional Team platform may be an effective area for collaboration with businesses and other NGOs.  Mission driven revenues will be directed toward the establishment of new programming within Washington.

EPS Nations Memberships - EPS Nations provides an empowerment platform that allows to membership to connect with leaders in various areas of activity to connect, collaborate and share information.  EPS Nations is a Learning Platform where members and contributors can connect and share information.   


HOW TO: Organizing a Global Grassroots Environmental Movment

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How EPS is Different

Organizational Infrastructure 
The EPS organizational infrastructure combines NationBuilder Technology with a Holacracy Management Structure to create a  Flat, Efficient, Responsive, Transparent Platform combined with Structural Accountability. Learn More

Revenue Allocation Targets
Because of our flat organizational infrastructure, EPS is able to allocate 95% of revenues to mission driven activities.  Because of our transparent organization infrastructure, you can have confidence in the integrity of our contributions.  

    • 80% Specific Program Support / New Program Development / Team Development
    • 15% Member Engagement and Education / Media Production
    • 5% Administration / Platform Management

Click on the following links if you would like to learn more about Eco Preservation Society, or about the EPS NationBuilder Platform or the EPS Holacracy Management System