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Mission Statement

The Eco Preservation Society is a membership, networking and educational organization dedicated to the promotion of sustainable human activity focused on achieving positive environmental outcomes.  Our mission is to promote conservation, reforestation, research, travel and education programs that advance environmental consciousness and facilitate public awareness with a call to action.

How EPS is Different

Organizational Infrastructure 
The EPS organizational infrastructure combines NationBuilder Technology with a Holacracy Management Structure to create a  Flat, Efficient, Responsive, Transparent Platform combined with Structural Accountability. Learn More

Three Ways to Join EPS

Follow your passions
Customize your commitment to the environment

ESP Local Team Memberships -  Local Team memberships empowers individuals to become active contributors to individual conservation projects in your community or all over the world without being filtered through a large bureaucratic organization.

EPS Regional Team Memberships  - EPS Regional Team Memberships are for Change Agents that want to lead in the creation of important new initiatives throughout thier region.  In particular, regional memberships are attractive for individuals that provide key capacities to support events and programming.  The Regional Teams will be made up of  Media Producers, Logistics Experts, key Hospitality Service Providers and Partners as well as anyone that has a regional or national interest in the environment. The Regional Team platform may be an effective area for collaboration with businesses and other NGOs.  Mission driven revenues will be directed toward the establishment of new programming within the region.

EPS Nations Memberships - EPS Nations provides an empowerment platform that allows to membership to connect with leaders in various areas of activity to connect, collaborate and share information.  EPS Nations is a Learning Platform where members and contributors can connect and share information. 


HOW TO: Organizing a Global Grassroots Environmental Movment

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The Eco Preservation Society volunteer program offers more than a short-term visit in an exotic location.  The EPS volunteer is joining a community of committed conservationists and environmentalist.  Through the EPS network the Volunteer can continue their involvement long after they have returned home.  Build life-long relationships and establish your own global network on the EPS platform.

The EPS volunteer experience  is designed to provide participants with a unique insight and perspective of the communities involved.  Volunteers play a critical role in the success of our projects partners.  The Eco Preservation Society platform enables a life-time connections with the people and the projects and allows you to track the results of your commitment. Create your own personal environmental movement, by supporting directly the projects and the places that you passionately care about.

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You are not visiting a community, you are joining a community.  

Visit Us! Join Us!  We are a community of committed conservationists and environmentalist doing the daily work of making the world a better place.  We also know how to have a good time and we will open the doors of our community to you.  

Costa Rica - New York - Florida

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Join a Nation

Membership in EPS Nations offers participants the opportunity to network with experts, educators, biologists and environmentalist from around the world. 

 Eco Media Nation  Conservation Nation  Sustainability Nation 
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Permaculture Nation 


Reforestation Nation 


Urban Farming Nation

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Nonpolitical Eco Action

We're Active Environmentalists, not Environmental Activists