EPS Culture

In order to align Mission, Technology and Organization into a mobilizing force, the Eco Preservation Society promotes the following principles and customs in order to create a rapidly deployable, highly efficient, scalable and responsive environmental organization.

  1. A Place For Everyone: No one will be turned away, there is a place for everyone.  EPS is committed to developing local employment opportunities for youth and other disadvantaged people that may not have viable income in today’s economic system .
  2. Non-Political:  EPS is a non-political environmental action organization.  Regardless of political philosophies, everyone should be made to feel welcome.  EPS will make an active effort to reach out to all groups! (Climate Change is not considered a political issue in EPS culture.)
  3. Non-Activist:  We are Active Environmentalist, not Environmental Activists.  Many other organizations are filling the Activist space, EPS is plays another role.  
  4. Bottom-Up Organization: EPS is a Bottom-Up style organization.  Authority is distributed across the network, not delegated from the top.
  5. Organization of One: The foundation of Bottom-Up organization starts with development of an Organization-of-One.  Each Participant will receive guidance and training from your own EPS pointperson.  Each EPS Organizer and Participant will organize their involvement around their own skills and aspirations.  Rather than being forced to fit into a static job description in a hierarchical organizational structure, EPS Organizers and Participants are empowered to focus their activities in clearly defined roles that allows for autonomous authority within the context clearly defined rules and structural accountabilities.  Accountabilities are distributed to the community, they do not reside in a "boss".
  6. Personal Support Ecosystem: The Organization of One concept  is manifest in the development of a Personal Support Ecosystem organized especially for every Participant, Organizer and Program Partner on the platform
  7. Pay-it-Forward Culture: The Personal Support Ecosystem will be driven by a deep commitment to a Pay-it-Ford culture that informs the actions of everyone involved in the Eco Preservation Society.  Careers are built on a Commitment to Service, not moving up an organizational pecking order.
  8. Empowerment Interview:  The mechanism for execution of the Pay-it-Forward culture and the development of Personal Support Ecosystem is the Empowerment Interview.  
  9. Aspirational Programming: - Every Participant, Organizer and Organization engaged on the EPS environmental movement will commitment themselves to at least one aspiration project or program
  10. Holacracy:  EPS is organized on the Holacracy principle of organizing around the work that needs to be done, rather than people filling static positions.  
  11. Weekly/Monthly Events: The social glue that will build the social culture is the commitment to the development of and participation in weekly/monthly events to drive participant engagement.

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