Volunteer in Manuel Antonio National Park - Costa Rica - The most beautiful park in the world.

Volunteer in Manuel Antonio National Park - Costa Rica - The most beautiful park in the world.      
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Tuesday, 08 November 2011 12:41

The Eco Preservation Society's volunteer program in the Manuel National park provides the traveler with a unique vantage to experience what Forbes Magazine listed as one of the most beautiful parks in the world. Manuel Antonio National Park on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica is the crown jewel of Costa Rica’s National park system. Working behind the scenes assisting park rangers, EPS volunteers are exposed to a unique vantage point to experience the wonders of Manuel Antonio in a way that is not possible on a 3 hour visit. Volunteers will be working to create and maintain visitor trails and other park infrastructure, while at the same time experiencing the park in a more intimate way that is only possible with the type of immersion this program provides. Volunteers share meals with park ranger staff in their brand new facility in the heart of the park. Volunteers will have an opportunity to interact and learn from the experienced nature interpreters that know every aspect of this complex and dynamic eco system. 

Volunteers are housed in the historic Zona Americana, constructed during banana republic days when the local economy was dominated by United Fruit Company from 1935 to 1955. The campus like setting featured a stunning vistas, community pool, tennis courts, schools, a movie theater (now a meeting hall) and even a one lane bowling alley.

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Manuel Antonio Park Volunteer Experience

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