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    This is really cool. Small scale wind is the future.

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    Check out Eco Preservation Society. I just joined.

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    Plan Your Costa Rica Adventure

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    Select Your Desired Vacation Expereinces

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    Participation Options

    What program participation options are availible for your program? 

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    Register Your Environmental or Sustainability Program with EPS

    About: The Eco Preservation Society is a Membership organization dedicated to supporting established environmental and sustainability programming.   Follow this link to learn more about the Eco Preservation Society

    We Can Help: We would like to learn more about your environmental and/or sustainability project. Our mission is to assemble resources to support your program on our global environmental crowdsourcing platform. We are particularly interested in supporting participatory type projects that involve Volunteer, Citizen Science or Educational Programming. No upfront investment is required.  EPS will assemble a team to support your efforts and we will supply you with a basket of tools to expand and support your mission:   membership managementdynamic websitesevent managementvolunteer enrollment , online donationscrowdfunding, rewards programsaffiliate marketingemail campaignssocial media support, and even text-based outreach. There are no upfront costs, we are here to help. 

    Register Your Project:

    Step One:  Fill out the project information survey

    Step Two: Tell us which categories apply to your project

    Step Three:  Tell us about participatory opportunities

    Optional: There are Environmental Social Entreprenuer opportunities with EPS.  

    Optional: Learn how to Organize are EPS in your area. 

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    Explore Costa Rica

    Design your own ultimate eco adventure itinerary

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    Costa Rica Manuel Antonio Dominical Costa Rica Arenal Monteverde Tenorio Costa Rica Corcovado Osa
     Costa Rica Travel Caribbean Tortugero Puerto Viejo Limon  Costa Rica Guanacaste Travel  _costa_rica_Poas-Volcano-National-Park001.jpg
    Eco Preservation Society offers you the ultimate eco adventure vacation in Costa Rica
    Our team of travel experts will help you design a trip that will exceed your own expectations, and give you the amazing vacation you deserve!  Connect with our community of environmentalists and naturalists.
    It doesn't matter if you are looking for an adventure, a family trip, or a romantic getaway; we will find that special destination, hotel, or tour that matches your “travel personality” and budget.
    We will customize your vacation, and make it a worry-free experience.
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    Social Entrepreneur Career Opportunities

    The Eco Preservation Society is seeking social entrepreneurs that want to build a career working on behalf of the environment.

    We are looking for leaders and social entrepreneurs to assist us in the following areas. If you are interested in building a career with the Eco Preservation Society, please fill out the form below and we will follow up with you.


    • Program Organizers
    • Corporate Outreach
    • Human Resources
    • Holacracy Practitioners
    • NationBuilder  Tech

    Logistics Specialists

    • Freelance Event Managers
    • Freelance Event Planners
    • Freelance Travel Agents
    • Freelance Travel Directors 

    Media Specialists

    • Environmental Writers
    • Video Production
    • Blog Managers
    • Social Media Broadcasters

    LEARN MORE: Click on the following links if you would like to learn more about Eco Preservation Society, or about the EPS NationBuilder Platform or the EPS Holacracy Management System.


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    Costa Rica Wildlife Conservation

    EPS Costa Rica Conservation Projects

    • Camaronal National Wildlife Refuge - Sea Turtle Conservation
      Camaronal Wildlife Refuge was initially founded to aid conservation efforts aimed at protecting the four species of sea turtles that build their nests on Camaronal's beach. The olive ridley, the leatherback, the hawksbill and the black sea turtle all lay their eggs in the reserve's sands, making this a critical location for the continued survival of these endangered animals.
    • Cabo Blanco National Wildlife Refuge
      The Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve is home to the San Miguel Biological Station which was developed to promote and support teaching, research, and environmental education and has facilities that include classrooms, laboratories and a reference library. 
    • Tenorio Volcano National Park - Tapir Conservation
      Tenorio Volcano National Park offers volunteers the opportunity to experience a unique rainforest habitat that is influenced by the Atlantic and Pacific slope of Costa Rica.  This makes it attractive for national and international tourists who have an opportunity to enjoy great scenic beauty as well as forestry and animal species native to the area. 




    Costa Rica Tapir Conservation 

     Active Sea Turtle Conservation Projects:

    • Carate, Osa Peninsula
    • Camaronal, Guanacaste
    • Playa Hermosa, Central Pacific

    Active Tapir Conservation Project

    • Tenorio National Park

     costa_rica_conservation_primate_001_250.jpg  Costa Rica Shark Conservation

     Active Primate/Sloth Conservation Projects

    • Manuel Antonio

    Active Shark Conservation Projects

    • Guanacaste
    • Osa Peninsula
     costa_rica_conservation_bird_001a_250.jpg  _960_250_reforestation_volunteer_environment_007.jpg
     Active Bird Conservation Projects
    • Guanacaste
    • Osa Peninsula

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    Become a Founding Member of EPS Nations

    $230.00 raised
    GOAL: $10,000.00

    Sustaining Monthly Members of the Eco Preservation Society allow us to expand our outreach 

    Program Member $5   Patron $250  
    Society Member $10   Super Patron $500
    Organizer $25   Organizational Patron $1,000
    Leader $50   Organizational Leader $5,000
    Patron $100   President's Club $10,000 

    Become a Founding Member Today!


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    Coming Soon

    Coming Soon:

    The Eco Preservation Society is a membership organization that has established an international grassroots platform focused on community based conservation efforts.  EPS is pleased to announce 2 active associations forming in Costa Rica, Washington, New York and Florida.  We will be adding more teams in the coming months.  Sign up for the team of your choice.  Connect with other active environmentalist that are making a real difference in the world.   Lets us know if you are interested in being a part of forming a team in your area. 

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    Costa Rica Volunteer Opportunities

    Carate, Osa Peninsula - Sea Turtle Conservation 

    Camaronal, Guanacaste - Sea Turtle Conservation

    Tenorio National Park - Tapir Conservation

    Cabo Blanco - Absolute Natural Reserve

    The Eco Preservation Society volunteer program offers more than a short-term visit in an exotic location.  The EPS volunteer is joining a community of committed conservationists and environmentalist.  Through the EPS network the Volunteer can continue their involvement long after they have returned home.  Build life-long relationships and establish your own global network on the EPS platform. 

    The EPS volunteer experience  is designed to provide participants with a unique insight and perspective of the communities involved.  Volunteers play a critical role in the success of our projects partners.  The Eco Preservation Society platform enables a life-time connections with the people and the projects and allows you to track the results of your commitment. Create your own personal environmental movement, by supporting directly the projects and the places that you passionately care about.

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    EPS Osa: Carate Project Needs

    EPS Osa: Carate Project Needs

    EPS project partner, COTORCO, is funded solely through grants and donations. EPS Osa seeks to provide a sustainable support mechanism to expand the scope of the program on a year round basis.  While the COTORCO project is also volunteer oriented, hatchery maintenance, equipment, and employee salaries are necessary expenses for the success of the project. For consistency of data and methods as well as safety during night patrols four locals are on staff.  The nature of our location requires us to have gear that can support heavy rain, moisture, sunshine, and bugs. Due to the destructive nature of the rainforest/ocean and limited funding, it is necessary for our association to continuously be seeking out funding for our project. Sea turtle research requires special gear and materials to combat the wear and tear of the elements. COTORCO is a community-based project that has a small staff of 4 with the support of volunteer organizations.

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    Connect with EPS Osa

    Follow EPS Osa on Social Media

    Check Back Soon