San Jose Urban Biological Corridor

EPS and IAFN offer an opportunity to participate in the rehabilitation of a degraded area bordering one of the main and most contaminated rivers crossing the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose.  The project consists of planting trees along the banks of Costa Rica's River Torres Urban Biological Corridor.   IAFN has been acting in collaboration with members of the urban community of Los Cipreses, a neighborhood within proximity of the IAFN Secretariat office.

Intentions of opening a children’s library to accompany the environmental education and restoration efforts have come to fruition thanks to generous donations of books and bookcases from dear friends. Once a week children and young adolescents are invited to spend time with books, listen to a story, and receive help with their homework and school projects. Kimborey, whose daughter, Kenyelin, is pictured playing the cello in the photograph below, opens the local association building twice a week, always with fun activities and handicrafts.

With the support of our friend Felipe Barrantes, an architect with a passion for landscape design and analog forestry, we look forward to the new year which will bring closer collaborations with other Costa Rican environmental organizations and AF practitioners, as we launch at time of closing of our bulletin, a Costa Rican National Analog Forestry Network. More on our objectives to soon follow.

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