Tenorio Volcano National Park

General Information:Tenorio Volcano National Park offers volunteers the opportunity to experience a unique rainforest habitat that is influenced by the Atlantic and Pacific slope of Costa Rica.  This makes it attractive for national and international tourists who have an opportunity to enjoy great scenic beauty as well as forestry and animal species native to the area.  Among the main attractions of the park are the Celeste river waterfall, panoramic views, fumes and hot springs, streams within the forest and natural river dyes, tapirs and many birds can be observed. There is a nature trail called "Mysteries of Tenorio", with a distance of 3200 meters. The temperature averages between 15° and 24° Celsius and the average annual rainfall is about 3,500 mm.  The flora is varied projecting a high diversity of palms, heliconias, ferns, bromeliads, orchids and more. The most common wildlife you can find at the park are the tapirs, peccaries, mountain goats, squirrels, howler and white-faced monkeys, pumas, jaguars, ocelots, anteaters, birds like bellbirds, turkeys, and other trogons.

Location:The park is located in the Cordillera Volcanic Tilarán or Guanacaste, between the cantons of Guatuso and Upala in the provinces of Alajuela, Canes, Bagaces and Tilarán in the Province of Guanacaste. As a reference point you can use the north part of Arenal Lagoon.

Volunteer Work:

  • Repair and maintenance of facilities

  • Maintenance of trails

  • Eco Tourism Program Assistance

  • Construction Jobs

Specific Projects:

  1. Tapirs monitoring, (gender,place, problems, footprints, general conditions).

Requirements:  You need to be a student or graduate in biology, zoology, ecology, environmental science and the like. Time of participation: at least 21 days.

  1. Environmental Education Program: environmental teacher assistant.

  2. Ecotourism Program: Information programs, translations, tourism assistant.  Minimum participation: 10 days 

Food, accommodation and other specifications:  Volunteers are housed within the national park in special volunteers quarters. The conditions are basic and the facilities are dormitory style. There is electricity, telephone, internet, water, restrooms, showers, dining room and kitchen. There is also a washing machine for volunteers wash their clothes. Minimum participation time: 10 days. Season of Operation: year round.


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