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New_York_City_NYC_Sustainability_Living_Sustainable_High_Line_Conservation_Environment_1.jpgLiving walls, green roofs and renewable energy are examples of New York City’s extensive sustainable living representations. Green Infrastructure designs and LEED buildings are increasing by the day as NYC’s take on Sustainable living is alive and well. Trends are showing that buildings, particularly hospitals, are removing their water elements for health concerns and replacing them with living walls. These walls continue provide an aesthetic and calming element, along side the benefits of cleaning the wall, allowing a sight lines that
New_York_City_NYC_Sustainability_Living_Sustainable_High_Line_Conservation_Environment_1_Urban_Strong.JPGinclude nature and noise reduction, without the drawbacks of health concerns that may be
associated with water elements. Organizations like UrbanStrong are meshing the fields of renewable energy and green roofs; the high efficiency relationship between green roof and solar array combinations are proving profitable and beautiful. Projects like the High Line have re-purposed an outdated above
New_York_City_NYC_Sustainability_Living_Sustainable_High_Line_Conservation_Environment_Green_Infrastructure.jpgground rail line into a fully functionally public park and green space visited by thousands of tourists and New Yorkers daily. Also used by thousands of New Yorkers on a daily basis is the largely successful CitiBike Program. This bikeshare membership has locations throughout the city for users to come and go with bikes at all hours of the day. The bikers enjoy dedicated bike paths and lanes throughout NY, reducing competition with cars and trucks, all while reducing
street congestion, pollution and user’s carbon footprint.



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